The weather lady surprised me today with some promising news for the week ahead. After a good 12+ hrs of rain yesterday afternoon and overnight, the wind has dropped and the outlook is good. As the week goes on the temp should rise to 20 and the wind remain calm.

My 1st batch of tomatoes that I planted end Jan, are earnestly outgrowing their 1ltr pots. I was hoping to get them out to the allotment a couple of weeks ago but the weather has been very stormy. Tonight is forecast to be 4C, so I might wait one more night and plant out tomorrow. The tomatoes have quite a few pale leaves and are generally looking a bit weak. I’m hoping they’re not pot bound. My second batch, sown in March, are looking good now after their early setbacks (https://cityandthemountains.wordpress.com/2011/04/26/tomato-troubles/), and shouldn’t be too far behind the 1st.

Could be an early start tomorrow to get the job done.


After all the excitement at the allotment we managed to compose ourselves and started work on a job list.

Plant out: Gherkins, yin yang beans, Borlotti beans, sweetcorn, pumpkin, cabbage, leek, and marigolds.

Sow out: more peas (want a constant supply of them), parsnips, more carrots, radish, sweetcorn, beans.

Prepare beds for the first of the tomatoes; design and make the poly-fence that I will try to grow them against.

Rake-up potatoes. I need to get some advice on this first. I think I need to rake-up earth to cover the sprouting potatoes.

Make some new pages on the blog. I’m planning to show the finances and time spent, along side the quantities (prob weight) of the harvests. Also want to put a page for each plant to show the progress, it’s quite cool to see how far everything has come.

Pray for some rain. None forecast for the rest of the week. We’ve had clouds around the last few days but they gave next to nothing. I’m definitely now into treating the plants a bit mean, making them work for their water, but my nerves are being tested. I might have to sneak up with my watering cans and give it a good water!!

Our van is in for its yearly welding, it just so happens to coincide with a very dry week, in a very dry month. The allotment is a few miles away and I can’t get down there in time after work. Rain forecast Fri but I’m a bit worried now. I planted out some broccoli and courgettes last week, hopefully they have taken ok. I’ve started having dreams about wilting plants and dry soil!!

Some people have said to not water too much, so maybe we’ll be ok.