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After a busy 2013 working out what we were going to do and how to do it, we’ve decided we need a more flexible site. To this end I’ve spent the last week learning a bit of wordpress.org stuff, very confusing initially but it did make sense in the end, and now have a site almost read.

I have moved this blog over there with all the old posts, comments etc. The only problem is it doesn’t copy over the people following the blog. So please visit farmasadlowo.pl have a look around and fill in the email subscription thing in the righthand side of the homepage.



The new site is hopefully a little better organised, allowing us to easily add sections when we take on new ventures. As we go on my wife will be translating it into Polish as well, I just need to work out how to get one of those neat little translation flags in the corner of the site first.

From now on I’ll be posting and updating farmasadlowo.pl, and not Cityandthemountains, so please come over and subscribe to our blog.



A quick look at things from our first week at the land with the baby.


I thought it might be nice to give you a bit of a look around the land. The map below shows my route. The video is a bit shaky but at least the music is good!

Video Route

Video Route

Following a period of inactivity on our blog in 2012 we are picking it up again under quite different circumstances.

When we first started this blog we had just acquired our first allotment and were  keen to learn about growing our own fruit and veg, as well as catching fish, foraging and anything else that would help us live a bit cheaper. we have always been drawn to the  type of  self-sufficient life John Seymour describes in his ‘Fat of the Land’. All my ventures in the past, and now ours (with my wife), have in one way or another been with this in mind, always limited by our lack of capital to start any type of small-holding.

Well last year things  started to move forward when my wife’s family bought a small-holding in Poland. We signed up to move over and help work the land. Our inactivity on the blog was due to a few changes we had to make in England to get us into the position to move over to Poland in November 2012. Our allotment suffered a lot due to us moving into a caravan a 20-mile round trip away. Initially I kept up planting by cycling to and fro, but this wasn’t sustainable over the year with work etc.

Sad sight of our allotment after we neglected it 2012.

Sad sight of our allotment after we neglected it 2012.

It was a bit sad but our allotment suffered and we took to monthly visits just to strim the weeds. In summary we packed everything up in England, left our regular jobs, and I moved away from family and friends to emigrate to Poland.

A few months on and we are in Poland, waiting out the winter in the city ready to start restoring the buildings so that we can live there, and working the land. Our goal now is to work towards the type of self-sufficiency John Seymour achieved. This is a loose goal, I see ourselves on a path from our recent way of life, working 9-5 all week and then spending all our money on food and accommodation, to a life of working very long hours on our own small-holding to directly provide the things we  need as a family.

Our families plot. Slightly larger at  70,000 m2.

Our families plot. Slightly larger at 70,000 m2.

I will be providing the technical information as I did for the allotment before. Again I am still not in any way an expert but hopefully our efforts will be of interest to people who are thinking about a similar move. The blog also serves as a way to document things for ourselves and our family to come, its already interesting to look back at our first posts from a couple of years ago when all this was just a pipe dream.

A few pictures so you get the idea:

Barns and Houses in the distance.

Barns and Houses in the distance.

Main house on a sunny day.

Main house on a sunny day.

Largest of the three ponds.

Largest of the three ponds.

Winter view from entrance.

Winter view from entrance.

September was another good month. Despite really cold windy weather we had a good harvest. The variety was reduced but good quantities of the basics. Peas were finished, pulled them up after turning brown and spotty. Tomatoes came back a bit after cutting most of the foliage back and frequent trips to pick off blighted fruit. Most needed ripening at home, which we did in a cardboard box in the dark.






potato 8.6kg  
Carrots 3.57kg  
Tomato 2.03kg  
Courgette 950g  
Beetroot 225g  
Onion 3.1kg  
Spinach 150g  
Raspberries 90g  
Savoy 450g  
Peppers 75g  

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