The week following planting out the peas saw a week of light ground frosts, zero night temperatures and no rain. I was worried about the peas, but a trip up the allotment today revealed they are alive and well. The peas I sowed have not germinated yet though.

Also made another make shift clotch out of some polythene I acquired for free. I had to sacrifice the compost bin I made earlier, to use as a frame. Sowed some rocket and italian salad mix under it. Expecting another sub-zero night tonight, so not sure what will happen. All a bit of an experiment.

Also planted some more peas indoors and basil. Ordered another batch of seeds, will put off buying the rabbit fencing until next month. Have another polyframe type thing under construction, which I’ll need once the new seeds are sowed.

Also took a little trip fishing. Came back empty handed. My excuse is it’s still too early in the year? I’ll keep trying though.