Following a late night I woke at 5:45 to bright sunshine through the window. I managed to resist the desire to put the alarm on sleeper and got up. I left around 6:30 and it was already warm out. There was a lovely mist over the valley on the way to the allotment and I felt quite pleased with myself for getting up.

I had just over an hour to plant 4 chillies, another tomato and a few more aubergines. I also watered the tomatoes and aubergines I planted yesterday so they could make the most of what was forecast to be a very hot day.

The yinyan & Borlotti beans I planted a couple of weeks ago have started to germinate. I gave them a bit of water to encourage them a little. We had some good rain over the weekend but things are looking quite dry and there is no rain forecast till Sunday.

_GRB7181_018small _GRB7183_019small
_GRB7185_020small _GRB7189_021small


Square of Aubergine and Peppers surrounded by friendly slug stoppa. Square clotch fits just over the top.