I’ve been putting off building a bigger polytunnel for a while, as I didn’t really have a clue how to go about it. But after a few weeks the tomatoes have outgrown their 5Ltr waterbottle houses, and I found some old bits from our caravan awning that looked right for the job.

It’s in my rustic style, a little wonky, but it has survived some strong wind. We’ve missed the latest band of heavy storms but I think it will get a proper test very soon.

After a couple of days back in Warsaw I went back to the land with some help, to get the walls finished. The weather had changed somewhat, from laying in the sun after my lunch a few days before to –5 and so much wind that our woodburner was smoking us out. Nevertheless we’re quite hard so we carried on regardless.



It was a team effort on the Saturday to get one wall plasterboarded and to destroyowac another low wall in the other barn room. It was very cold that night, but with a fire, a few beers and some sausage with bread we made it through. I was planning an early start but after a team talk we decided to eat lots of eggs and sausage and drink a few cups of tea before work.


It tasted better than it looked!!

The last wall was fairly straightforward but a lot more wonky than I first thought. Again it took a lot longer than we thought but we managed to get it finished by the end of the day. We put up the moisture lining, insulation and put in another air vent.



These are the two wall we finished. Just the ceiling left before plastering.


The weather has improved with + temperatures during the day and a nice bit of sun. Still –3 odd at night but ok for staying in the campervan.

Spent two nights at the land to make a start on the plasterboarding work. I was a bit worried about staying up there on my own as its a bit eerie at night, lots of empty buildings and strange noises. I kept awake on high alert all night by the constant barking of dogs and what I think must have been the screaming of goats, which sounded like someone screaming for their life. This aside I managed to man-up and get on with work.

The Job:

To plasterboard and insulate the walls and ceiling in the first barn room. Eventually to make another room and toilet in the barn, but first things first.


I was concentrating on the room at the bottom of the picture.

I got started about 18:00, after dropping off our load of platerboards and tools from Warsaw, and then picking up all of our wood. I managed to work a few things out and get a couple of bits of batten up before the call of my chicken soup warming on the fire and couple of beers was too much and I called it a night.

First Night

Oki finally settled down.

1st Night.

As I mentioned I didn’t sleep that well but did get some rest in between the goat screams and dogs howling. I woke up just before 6am to see the sunrise and have a look around the land for wildlife. There is still ice on the pond and the ground was frozen solid. The sun rose at 100 degrees east, it was good to see which parts of the land get the first bits of light this time of year. Will help with the location of the Polytunel.

Sunrise 1st Morning.

The second day things went quite slowly. I worked from 8 til 20:30 but only managed to finish the wall I started the first night and get the batten up and the panel behind the fire in place before I finished.

First Day.

End of 1st Day.

A long day. The dog was unsettled again with all the howling, he looks a bit like a wolf but he doesn’t seem that wild, I think he was more scared than me. We’ll need a bigger dog for security I think. In the end, after he stomped around the room a bit and kept staring at me, he found a piece of insulation to sleep on. Is it a cat or a dog?

End of 1st Day.

Slept well. Woke at the same time and walked around the land again. Saw a group of 5 Roe dear, I got really close by lurking around the bushes. There were a couple of young ones playing, running around in circles, kind of like Oki when he’s being crazy. Also saw a hare. We don’t have many rabbits but there are a few of these about.

2nd Day. Sunrise over the buildings and middle pond.

A breakfast of porridge to start the day, following the recipe of a real live Scottsman from Cornwall; salt, butter, milk and brown sugar! Fuel for the day.

Breakfast station Second Day.

Back to work. I was up against the clock as I wanted to leave just after dark. Managed to just finish the second wall. Doesn’t sound very good but they were finicky. The rest will be a bit quicker and I should have some help Saturday to do the ceiling and make a start on the studwork in the other room.

End of 2nd Day.

Job done, all bit it a little rustic in style.

End of 2nd Day.