December 2013


After a busy 2013 working out what we were going to do and how to do it, we’ve decided we need a more flexible site. To this end I’ve spent the last week learning a bit of stuff, very confusing initially but it did make sense in the end, and now have a site almost read.

I have moved this blog over there with all the old posts, comments etc. The only problem is it doesn’t copy over the people following the blog. So please visit¬†have a look around¬†and fill in the email subscription thing in the righthand side of the homepage.



The new site is hopefully a little better organised, allowing us to easily add sections when we take on new ventures. As we go on my wife will be translating it into Polish as well, I just need to work out how to get one of those neat little translation flags in the corner of the site first.

From now on I’ll be posting and updating, and not Cityandthemountains, so please come over and subscribe to our blog.