March 2012

A list of jobs to be done over the next week:

Plant out spuds.
Weed and rearrange our growing strawberry patch.

Looking to the future:

Dig the 3rd and 4th plots according to our new layout plan….
Clear the place up.
Lay down slug defenses

After a winter of very little allotment activity I have been getting back into the flow of things. Looking through my diary of last year (my first year), around this time I was planting out my potatoes and already had many tomatoes, peppers and all sorts germinating at home. This year I have taken a slower approach.  We have moved a bit further from our allotment so I will be trying to make fewer, but more productive trips.

Last week I did some planting at home (our new caravan), which has a little awning very much like a poly tunnel. I cut down on tomatoes, just planting one batch. I’ve ditched most of the exotic varieties and gone with some more reliable for our climate.

So far then I have sowed in:

Tomatoes: Gardeners delight, Moneymaker, Yellow, and Lemon Tree (using seeds from last years most successful). Most have germinated.
Courgettes (4)
Pumpkins (2)
Melons (5)
Sweetcorn (25). Some from last years seed. I’m planting these a lot earlier after last years short comings.
Aubergine (4). Just a few of these as I’ll keep them in the awning rather than the allotment. They didn’t really work last year.

I sowed out last week: (We’ve had a frost since, we’ll see what damage its done.)

Carrots; not as early as last year but a larger batch.
Leeks; earlier and more than last year
Beetroot; loved the few I planted last year. Have a lot more in the ground this time.
Turnips ; didn’t try these last time. See what happens.

Pictures and more frequent updates to come: