November 2011

This is a breakdown of what I spent from November last year (when I got the allotment) to end of October. There will be a full breakdown on the Financial page. For now In Summary:

  • I spent £470 odd on seeds, equipment, and getting to and from the allotment.
  • I harvested £171.63 approx. of fruit and veg (based on supermarket comparison price chart).
  • I spent approx. 169 hours working at the allotment, which equates to 21 days full time work.
  • Leaving a deficit of £298.64 odd.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with our progress this year. A lot of our expenditure was on capital bits, stuff we wont have to pay out on this year. We will also continue to benefit with crops that can be harvested in the next few months. Moreover, our perennial fruits should give us a good harvest next year.

With the benefit of a years experience I’m sure we’ll be able to sow a bit more, reap a bit more, and exert a bit less effort.

October was a fruitful month. The tomatoes that I picked slightly early in September had ripened at home and we managed to realise the dream of using all our own tomatoes for a few pasta sauces. I also dug up the rest of the potatoes. A decent 27kg of mostly King Edwards. Thanks to a hot week in October we also managed to harvest a few aubergines, which was really satisfying, would have been more so if a slug hadn’t have eaten two of them! Below is the summary:






potato 27.6kg  
Carrots 1.25kg  
Parsnips 300g  
Tomato 2.63kg  
Courgette/Marrow 1.25kg  
Gherkin 75g  
Onion 900g  
Aubergine 130g  
Raspberries 60g  
Chicory 400g  
Peppers 575g  

Below is a hand drawn scale outline of our new plot plan. In the last week I’ve just paid my second years allotment fees. I can’t believe we’re entering our second year already. On the plot I have started digging the second long bed and planted broadbeans, garlic and onion sets. They have already germinated after a couple of weeks in the ground.

We’ve recently run out of onions and garlic amoungst most other bits. Its really demoralising going to the supermarket again cap-in-hand. I’m going to make sure we have enough of the staples for next year. I’ve planted around 100 broad beans compared to 20 last year, 70 onions and garlic sets compared to 20 odd last year. So far so good.

Allotment plan year 2