October 2011

After almost a year as an allotment owner I feel we’re not quite shooting completely in the dark anymore. With this spirit I took to reading my ‘Concise guide to Self-sufficiency’ by John Seymour, that my wonderful wife bought me for Christmas, for some inspiration.

I’m re-organising the plot this year with 5 sections, 1 for fruit and 4 to be rotated with annual crops. Rather than scribbling some plans on scrap paper like last year I bought some graph paper and a ruler and did some old school planning. I’ll scan the plans and put them up soon.

One of the first jobs arising from the new setup is a proper compost bin. I got very lucky with some great wood today & headed straight down the allotment after work. I only had an hour before it started getting dark, but with the aid of a lantern managed to get the first section in place. It looks pretty straight as well!!

After John Seymour’s info I’m pretty psyched about the compost. I also have grand plans for cold and hot frames.

Have a busy week ahead as its probably the last when there’ll be enough light to go to the allotment after work. Jobs to be finished:

Compost bins made
Tomatoes cleared
Potatoes dug
Carrots dug
New beds outlined and turned over
Broadbeans & onion sets planted


September was another good month. Despite really cold windy weather we had a good harvest. The variety was reduced but good quantities of the basics. Peas were finished, pulled them up after turning brown and spotty. Tomatoes came back a bit after cutting most of the foliage back and frequent trips to pick off blighted fruit. Most needed ripening at home, which we did in a cardboard box in the dark.






potato 8.6kg  
Carrots 3.57kg  
Tomato 2.03kg  
Courgette 950g  
Beetroot 225g  
Onion 3.1kg  
Spinach 150g  
Raspberries 90g  
Savoy 450g  
Peppers 75g  

August was a good month. We didn’t buy any veg from the shops and managed to have a good variety of from the allotment. We had a few peas but the started weakening towards mid August. 







potato 7.8kg  
Carrots 2.8kg  
Peas 800g  
Tomato 1.02kg  
Courgette 2.17kg  
Italian Salad 375g  
Beetroot 1.05kg  
Kohl Rabi 900g  
Onion 3kg  
Spring Onion 75g  
Gherkin 50g  
Chicory 75g  
Spinach 300g  
Raspberries 50g  
Garlic 50g