August 2011

After my trip a couple of weeks ago, when all looked promising with the tomatoes, I returned on the 20th to find the plants looking in a very bad state. Almost all had drooping leaves covered in black spots and dead foliage. I think it might be blight? I’ve cut off a lot of leaves and took some of the green fruit to try and ripen them in the polytunnel at home.


I returned today (27th) to find a lot of the fruit turning bad, lots of black/brown patches on the skin of all the varieties of tomato. Really not looking good. We’ve had some cold/windy weather the last week. I’m not sure if the fruit is affected by the blight or the cold is damaging them? Any help appreciated.

A bit out of date but two weeks ago (13/08/11) we had a good harvest of a nice range of veg. Our second potatoes, Kestrel, have done really well. We also had a couple of big courgettes that made a nice Mediterranean roast.


Sack of freshly harvested organic allotmen potatoes.Collection of harvested vegetables.

The tomatoes looked pretty good. There were a lot of fruit on the plants, all green but showing lots of potential.