July 2011


Crop Weight Value
Gherkin 150g  
Courgettes 575g  
Spinach 160g  
Beetroot 450g  
Peas 2.9kg  
Carrots 2.52kg  
Potatoes (swift) 3.25kg  
Spring Onion 280g  
Radish 75g  
Blackcurrant 25g  
Italian Salad 225g  
Fortaleza 900g  
Onion 450g  
Iceberg Lettuce 425g  
Kohl Rabbi 250g  
Garlic 50g  
Tomatoes Garden Pearl 60g  
Tomatoes Black Russ 50g  
Tomatoes Shirley 150g  
Rocket 200g  

Harvested our first plum tomatoes today. Only a couple but a lot of the plants have fruit. Hopefully a couple of weeks of summer and we could be enjoying as many tomatoes as we can eat, which is a lot!!


Fortaleza Lettuce 500g!!

We’ve been harvesting a lot lately. Check out our harvest page to see what we’ve managed to pick.

I came into a bit of old double glazed glass a few days ago. I’ve made a little green house for a melon, and built an end to the tomato poly fence section. It’s now a bit more like a polytunnel, just no roof.


We’ve had high winds the last few days and my polyfence is taking a bit of a battering. After a day of 30mph winds I went to check it and found two sections broken, flapping over some of the tomatoes. It doesn’t seem to have done too much damage to the plants and I fixed it up as best as I could. Not been back to check now the winds have dropped, hoping it will be ok.

Generally the tomatoes are looking good, the first batch that went out have a few decent tresses which are beginning to ripen. I’ll get up there this week and take some pictures.

Meanwhile we’ve been harvesting quite a bit. Some lovely new potatoes, colourful carrots, plenty of salad and peas. I’ll be updating our harvest list soon and putting up some more pictures.