April 2011

Our van is in for its yearly welding, it just so happens to coincide with a very dry week, in a very dry month. The allotment is a few miles away and I can’t get down there in time after work. Rain forecast Fri but I’m a bit worried now. I planted out some broccoli and courgettes last week, hopefully they have taken ok. I’ve started having dreams about wilting plants and dry soil!!

Some people have said to not water too much, so maybe we’ll be ok.


I’ve just repotted the tomatoes, in 1ltr pots. Treated them to some nice organic compost. The flowering plants were the Garden Pearls, which I think naturally flower a bit earlier than the rest. I’ll leave them to it now. Just have to decide when to plant out, my first batch are getting a bit big for my min polytunnel.

I’m planing to plant all the tomatoes out on the allotment. We are only allowed small poly-tunnels on our plots, to get around this I’m planning to create lots of south facing poly-fences. They will also shelter from the prevailing wind (South-SW). I’ll probably try to plant out one of each variety and see what happens, adding when there is a success.

Did a stock check. Now have 44 tomato plants in 1ltr pots, and other 30 odd that are almost ready to be pricked out and re-potted. Will do full stock check soon.


I’m planning on growing lots of tomatoes this year. I have planted them in a few batches, the second of which is looking a little worse for wear. I planted them into some intermediate pots using dirt from my allotment plot, which I think doesn’t have enough nutrients for them. They are a bit pale, about 10inches tall and have started to bud.

I will be re-potting tomorrow once I have some compost. Should I nip off the flowers to give them a chance to grow stronger? I’m tempted to do this but not sure if I should interfere.

Our broadbeans are doing really well, all flowering and looking healthy. However, on my last trip to the allotment I spotted this bug up to something on my broadbeans. Has anyone got any ideas what it might be, & what its planning?

Bug on Broadbeans

Bug on broadbeans

We harvested our first crop from the allotment today, some healthily sized radishes. We were very excited, after I had taken a picture or two we washed them with the watering can and ate them. Very spicy. Just need to find some inventive uses for them now.

1st Radishes

Our tomatoes are coming on strong now. We have about 45 in total, planted in two batches. I want 60 in total, just planting the last set of seeds this week.

The first batch are now all in one liter pots, which are taking up quite a lot of room. One of the Garden Pearl plants from this group is already flowering (not sure if I should clip the flower off or not though?). I’m Recording night and day temp. to guide whether to leave the plants in the polyhouse or bring them in the house. I’ve left them out in the following conditions:

10/04/11: Night 9C/ Day 34C
11/04/11: Night 9C/ Day 28C
12/04/11: Night 8C/ Day 34C
13/03/11: Night 7C/ Day 15

I’m also leaving out: Melons, cucumber, chillies, aubergine, basil (germinated outside). They all seem to have fared well, however I bottled it last on 13th and brought all the above in, where they were left on 14th (Night 5C/ Day 15).

Is this right or not? They seem ok. I did a bit of internet research and most were saying under 10C to bring them in. They warned that they may not die, but might be stunted instead. As with everything else I’ll be playing it by ear again. I just hope I can keep the motivation to continue to bring them in and out when need be. I think it’ll be another 4 wks at least before I plant the first batch out.

Any advice welcome.

On Tuesday managed to get our strawberry’s in before the rain and wind hit Cornwall the last few days. Have 10 plants altogether. Dug them in and planted them on top of a bit of manure. Weather’s been bad the last few days with high wind and lots of rain, hopefully they’ve taken okay. Also planted out some Asparagus and moved a rhubarb, which I found out I’d planted upside-down.

Strawberry bed.