February 2011

A glorious day here today. Finished off digging the trench for the rabbit fence & planted out the first set of peas. I measured out the bed from the plan (shown on previous post), raked it & put a home-made poly thing over the top. I also planted another few seeds straight into the ground as a bit of an experiment. There is still chance of frost so not sure what will happen there. I’ll plant another load indoors and plant the next lot out in early April.

Planted our first tomatoes, peppers and peas on 22/01/11. Peas came up really quickly (a few days). Planted them in individual compostable pots, as apparently they don’t like their roots disturbed. They are almost ready for planting out, think I may have done this batch a bit too early. I have an old, small poly tunnel thing which I may try putting over them when I plant them up the allotment. See what happens.

Tomatoes and peppers took a week or so to germinate. We don’t have much sun in our house so they aren’t growing particularly quickly.  We want peas, tomatoes and peppers all season so will be planting some more at the start of March, then every couple of weeks. The varieties are:


Black Russian – 3 planted

Green Zebra – 3

San Marzano (plum) – 4

Lemon Tree – 3

Cherokee Chocolate – 3

Garden Pearl (hanging basket) – 3

Albenga – 3

Tamarillo (not planted yet)


Sweet Pepper Choco – 3

Anthohi Romanian – 3

Pea = Pea Onward


Also ordered seed potatoes and got them chitting (placed in egg box in bright cool room to get the sprouts going before planting out), should take 4-6 weeks before they are ready to plant out. I have 3 varieties, an early, mid and late cropping:

Early = Swift (apparently ready 60 days after planting out).

Mid = Kestrel, a nicely patterned spud.

Late = Kind Edwards